Once upon a time at Spoonful of Love we created all our websites using custom built and designed templates. There were many benefits to creating the templates this way:

  1. A custom built web design meant that each design was unique and original for the business the website was being built for.
  2. We knew we were building clean, optimised sites. Code was written professionally, using worlds-best practice and standards

However, custom designed and built templates meant the costs were high and development took more time. Add to this the neccesity to make your website responsive meant the additional work of rigourous testing required for multiple viewing devices and browsers was added to the process.


Spoonful got smarter and did a lot of searching and researching to find two companies that provide, clean, fast, responsive templates for Joomla!. The testing for responsive design is already done and the basic foundations for an optimised website are in place. Customisation is still an essential ingredient to a unique and original design and this has not been compromised by using a commercial template as a foundation. We just choose a template that closely matches your website design and customise accordingly. This means the cost-savings can be passed onto you, whilst Spoonful can concentrate on creating the best website for your business. And the key benefits from the custom-design approach are still maintained in this new, more efficient approach. 


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