The behaviour of the population has changed. According to the Deloitte's Media Consumer Survey for 2014, there has been a digital tipping point. 63% of the 2300 particpants own a tablet, and 81% own a Smartphone, with over half of them saying it was there 'go-to' device. And interestingly, the fastest growing segment is the 48+ group.  We're on the move and expect instant access to news, information, social media and product information. In 2013 90% of Australian smartphone owners used the Internet on their smartphone daily, with 52% visiting the website of a business after doing a search on their phone.


So what does this mean to you? It means that it is now necessary to ensure your website is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly - for all screen sizes now and into the future. If a user can't easliy view or interact with a website while viewing on their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Tab then they are unlikely to seek out a desktop to continue their activities on your site - they will just move on to a new search, and a new website.


Responsive design is a website layout that responds to the device the user is currently viewing and displays the website in an optimal viewing layout. Since January 2014 all Spoonful websites are built with a responsive design.

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